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Mrs sunita vaishnav


"Hello! My name is Sunita Vaishnav,I'm B.E. graduate.Currently I am a homemaker and mom to my 2 years daughter.I have a passion for writing.Well I'm not an artist.I mean I AM but I have never been formally trained in art and well.I've just worked and create a style that matches my words. I enjoy writing on a variety of topics and I take pleasure in immersing myself in learning about new and exciting areas.
I am also a married millennial mom of a toddler with expert knowledge, interest and personal experience in parenting,natural and holistic living, relationships, raising kid and being a work-at-home mom.
My primary writing focus is on article,poetry,short quotes and site content, but I am always open to other areas of writing.
When I am not writing, you can find me at the park running after my rambunctious two year old daughter.
I hope my ideas and thoughts put in words help to heal and inspire others."