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Burhanuddin Rajab Ali Shayar


"BURHANUDDIN ABDEALI SHAYAR Born on 08 december 2000. He had studied in madresah Taiyebiyah english medium senior secondary school partapur.He is doing his graduation from pune phuley university. His passion is his dignity. His love towards poems shows his strong feelings , happiness , emotion and strong perfection of virtues . He have achieved many certificates for his success . He still writes narrates and composes he wrote more than four hundred poems and 1 story of one sided love till now . He writes in english, urdu, and hindi languages. his writeups having powerful feeling , love , and other emotions.
The book AWFUL JOURNEY OF ONE SIDED LOVE is debut book of his. His extreme interest and a wish for doing something is rushing towards success.
His writings is full of passion of an energy he believes that only very few man are gifted with intellectual faculty that can rise above passion."