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" Banani Das Chowdhury is a humanist in ideology, poetic at heart, and spiritual journey in her through life. She is a resident of Guwahati, Assam, India. She has her graduation in Bioscience and a Masters in Communication. Mass Her tryst with writing began at a tender age, starting with her conversations with her diary, which extended her philosophi cal parlance through spirituality. She has published works in the form of articles mainly on social and millennialcentric issues with a journalistic touch. Her published works also include spiritual and philosophical content. Her creative works started f inding expressions in her poetries, quotes, and through her blogging essence. Some of her creative pieces are parts of a few poetry and short story anthologies. She writes because it brings a sense
of freedom for her. Her writing is the voice she speaks to share her thoughts and feelings to spread a ray of hope and encouragement and send good vibes to one and all, along with inking her ground for any righteous cause she believes in. She believes the medium of art has a great reforming prospect to raise the humane consciousness and make the very planet as a better place to live in. CONNECT HER AT: EMAIL: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: @bananidaschowdhury @rimsai3 CHECK OUT HER WRITINGS: BLOG: MIRAQUILL: @ YOURQUOTE: bananida s chowdhury3_9 @bananidaschowdhury"