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Aakanksha Jodha

Aakanksha Jodha, 19, is a simple girl from Jodhpur who is pursuing her B.A. We have seen writers, writers for thoughts, writers for emotions, but she is a writer of a reason. She managed to flee from boredom to become a full-time writer. She's a sucker for Romance (Adventure) and strives to pen down exciting poems.
What we like about Aakanksha is that she also came from a similar roller coaster. She chose her path to success without knowing the outcome. Aakanksha got an interest in reading novels and writing when she was 13. She got the tag of 'Miss Shakespeare' in her school times. Her inspiration is the great Indian author Savi Sharma. Onward she used to compile her blooming thoughts in a poetry form and found her forte in writing. She wishes to explore her not yet explored Universe. She has a peculiar way of looking at life, and sometimes she feared what if someone laughed at what she wrote, but she chose to get up and face the world. The key is to be bold at this moment which took us on the incredible journey of "The Script of The Universe." This book focuses on the idea that we are not desolate. We have our Universe with whom we can Converse everything.


The Script of the Universe



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