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Shraddha is a lawyer turned Author.She is a people's person. She would like to be there fo

History and Politics

The First Revelation : Unveiling historical secrets

The First Revelation is a theological quest through historical timelines in an attempt to unearth some of the most enigmatic past events that have been kept buried by the acts of various corrupt rulers and religious institutions. The book also makes an effort to tackle some of the fundamental questions that arise in the minds of individuals during their spiritual journeys, for which they are forced to rely on modified and mistranslated versions of ancient religious scriptures. The author hopes that this book will play a role in bringing the people of this planet, plagued by extensive religious conflicts, back together under the true belief in the same God who, ironically, became the root cause of all outbursts of violence.

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Saheem Haris

Saheem Haris

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