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Celebrity Shrishail Bhurke hails from humnabad, bidar , Karnataka. He is an aspiring author, international and national record holder. To him, his parents, Shivraj Bhurke and Bharti Bhurke are the one who supports him to the earnest. He recently started his own publication house named Ink - O - Sapiens publication, which is registered under government. Every writer born with some inspiration, and for this, that inspiration comes from love and its purity. He always keep himself lost in the thoughts of love so that he can present himself more beautifully. When it comes to studies, he studied his puc in cbg kardyal bhalki and school at Ram and Raj Humnabad. Being a writer, he had co-authored 50- books and 10+ international books. He also get awarded by "India star republic award" on 26th January 2021 as the best writer of the year and "Kalam international golden award" in Chennai at 21st. He had been featured in Mt Kenya times as well for his incredible life, talent and awards in February. As a co-author he is proud to be part of the books which got recods like: 1) OMG book of records 2) bravo international book of world records 3) vajra book of record 4) international talent book of Record. 5) Insc award of 2021

Shrishail bhurke .
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