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Won Wits, Lost Love | Pushti Vasoya

"No, I am not at fault. He clearly misunderstood me when I told him about the culprit. I had an emergency and so I handed him the duty to arrest the culprit. I am not at all guilty this time and I am not going to take it anymore." Said the Inspector in command, Mr. Samarth Singh.

To his innocent explanation, there came back an angry reply from the DSP, "Enough of your explanations Inspector, this blunder happened because of you and now, being the face of police, I am not able to face anyone. I will not entertain any such excuse or blame on someone. I just want a proper report and relevant justification for the happening otherwise mind well, your smooth job is in trouble." Having experienced this hapless situation, Samarth went out of the office after a salute and a shout of "Jai Hind" in honour of the nation and his senior. He heard the strange whispers of the constables and faced the suspicious sight of the people in the police station. He finally got into the car where his true friend, his own mirror image was waiting for him to show him the reflections of the past events. He talking to himself, went into the state of deep thinking and self revival of the story. She hold my finger with her little soft hands and the movement of her chubby body in my lap made me realize how it feels to be a father. The time, when I took her in my hands was the instant when I wanted the time to pause and me to continue searching for myself lost in her cute smile. But it was not what actually happened. My phone rang before I could shower all my love to my dearest daughter. Siri made my decision, to answer the call, easier by informing, "DSP sir, calling. DSP sir, calling.

" Now, the only option was to reply because being in police, you can't ignore the senior calls. He ordered me to investigate a theft case in the minister's house without even congratulating me for the arrival of the new guest in my life. This is what hurts you the most, as a policeman but your feelings doesn't matter as you can't complain. I, immediately, contacted my team and ordered them to be at the crime scene. I gave a smooth kiss on the forehead of my angel, gave her to the nurse and left my wife unwell to the care of my family in the hospital. I went at the spot and studied the matter in detail. We all started to investigate the place closely and gather evidences from each and every thing. I ordered the constables to inquire the family members and the neighbours. I opened the refrigerator to check for evidence but what came to me was shocking. It was the dead body of a young boy. Now, it was getting more serious, it was a murder case and not a theft one. I called DSP to inform him and ordered to call the forensic team and ambulance. Minister and his family were called for the identification. It was then that we came to know that he was the one and only son of the minister, Vyom. Everyone in the family was in tears. Body was sent for postmortem. The family was advised to stay in the city until the case gets closed. After checking everyone's motive to kill him, we found two suspects- Vyom's cousin Divy and the minister himself. Divy was the only successor of minister's wealth after Vyom, so he could be guilty. Elections were approaching. Minister, no doubt, was on people's mind but the criminal acts of his son were enough to reduce his public image. Vyom was accused of supplying drugs and teasing girls in midnight. If he dies, minister would get the public sympathy and relief from the threat of his child spoiling his own image. It sounds impossible but greed for power can make a person to do the unbelievable. I was solving this case with one of my junior, Sub Inspector Rahul Vaidya. We used to discuss every minute detail and then reach to a conclusion. I trusted him more than anyone else in my team. He was an honest and responsible policeman, afterall. We finally got a way to reach the real culprit. We both were going to execute the plan when I got the call from the hospital that my wife's condition is getting worse and they wanted my signature to start the operation. Having no option, I had to go there and Rahul heeded towards the execution alone. The plan was to regain the CCTV footage which was damaged by the culprit and find him as cyber cell called us to tell that the data is recollected from the waste. It was the footage of the main gate. Rahul found that both of them entered the gate at the same time but the minister went towards the house and Divy went towards the swimming pool. He thought the minister was the culprit as the body was found in kitchen and nobody Vyom near the swimming pool as per the inquiry conducted at his home. He told me the whole thing. I told him to arrest Divy but before I could explain him the whole thing my phone got off due to low battery. He thought that I didn't understand the situation and in the worry of my wife I was not able to think anything obvious and went on with his thought of arresting the minister. When he went to arrest the minister, series of events such happened that he had to fire on minister to stop his escape. He missed his target and the minister got severely injured. He was taken to the hospital but the doctors couldn't save him. My phone was now on to hear the blames of what has happened. I rushed to the office to scold Rahul for disobeying me. Before I could have a word with him, I was summoned to be in DSP cabin. This reflections from the mirror got interrupted when he got a call from the hospital again. He rushed to the hospital and completed all the formalities for yet another operation. Sitting on the bench, he was wondering that how he got into the situation where he was not at all guilty and now what can he do to come out safely. Forgetting everything else, he thought that the first and foremost important thing is to arrest the real culprit, who was Divy. He called his team and told them to checkout Divy's whereabouts. Rahul contacted him to ask him how Rahul is the culprit and to apologize for the cause. Giving duty a higher chance over personal feelings, he explained Rahul that the footage which he watched was 1 hour before the time of murder. As per the minister, he was sleeping in his room at that time which is possible as after his arrival at home as evident in the footage and moreover the minister won't go to kitchen once in his life and murder someone there, coming to be suspicious in everyone's eye. Divy, a technical expert, knew that we would revive the footage and find him going to swimming pool so he, during the inquiry, very smartly, told that he was in the swimming pool. But nobody would spend a winter evening in cold water. He knew about the secret way of reaching the kitchen when he himself sent Vyom to bring tea for them as the snacks was there on the table near pool and the tea was there on the kitchen. He smartly went inside murdered him and then came back unnoticed. Rahul understood his cleverly done stupidity and apologized to him. They further arrested the real culprit. Now the problem was that who will stand responsible for minister's death. Samarth didn't want to lose his job, nor he wanted his colleague to resign. So, he very smartly formed a report stating that though the murder was done by Divy, the whole plan was headed by the minister and compelled Divy to make this statement as confession in return of the bait of reduction in his punishment. Now, everything was under control. Nobody was losing job and even the citizens were saved from the false claim of a corrupt minister. DSP praised Samarth and his team. Samarth was happy but his smile didn't stay for a while when he received the phone from hospital stating that his wife was no more. All his happiness turned into gloom. He saved his job but could not save his wife. In a single moment, his victory on situations turned as his biggest defeat from time. His win over his difficult conditions brought him to bare the loss of the dearest one. He could not stop his tears and the feeling of regret when he came to know that his wife was calling him again and again in her last times and he could not be there. Every tear from his eye gave him the sweet memories of her wife and her dear angel reminded him of his love for his wife. This love gave him the strength to face everything, after all it was his life.

Pushti Vasoya

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