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THE SCAR | Ahsana Kunnathedath

One day Liya's mother was admitted to the hospital and was continuously calling her daughter. But, suddenly loud noises from the other room hit her ears and she slowly moved the curtain and could see a mother who looks like her same age having fun with her family without considering her weakened health. Liya's mother with a smiling face slowly closed the curtain without disturbing them and with the pain in her heart, she started to daydream. Her phone ranged suddenly and with a happy face, she answered the call from Liya. Before her mother could utter a word, Liya told her that the uncle had said everything, however, she won't be able to take leave from the workplace as she has a busy schedule and has already taken a break from the office for her friend's party. So, she cannot come to the hospital to visit her mother and told the mother to understand her situation. Before the mother could speak anything, she disconnected the phone. The mother wept painfully. She immediately wrote a letter without considering her deep pain and handed it over to her uncle and asked him to give it to Liya only after her death. But that day wasn't far, Liya reached her mother's funeral and was shocked about her condition which was worse than she had known. Yet, liya got a call from the office and couldn't stay longer than two days and left the place with her mother's letter. Due to her busy routine, she kept the letter in the drawer and later she forgets about it. Years passed and Liya became old and lonely and her son shifted to new york for a job. One morning, liya was searching for her spectacles, and a paper fell from the drawer. She took it up and found that it was her mother's letter. She slowly opened the letter with her shivering hands and started reading " Dear daughter, my handwriting won't be clear as my life is being slowly eaten by painful cancer. The chemotherapy will never be helpful for me in the coming days as the cancer has already reached its last stage and the doctor has said that there is less chance for the cancer to cure. At this time, I deeply wished to see my daughter's face before taking the last breath of my life as it would have helped me to reduce my severe pain. But I could understand that you won't be free from your job and will never be able to visit me. The fault is all mine as I spent my whole life running behind my job for satisfying my daughter's needs and forget to spend time with you. I always prioritized my job before my family and at present, no one is there to keep me calm from this horrible pain. So I beg you to care for your family more than your job or else my situation would repeat in your life. By the time, you read this letter, I would have left this world, but I always loved you liya baby"

The letter became wet by the time Liya stopped reading and Liya was crying and shivering and was blaming herself for not even knowing that her mother died experiencing so much pain. Liya suddenly got up and searched for her mother's photo with tearful eyes and talked with her mother hardly managing to control her emotions. The following night, she saw a dream about her son, and the next day, she took a ticket to visit her son and the grandchildren. They welcomed her happily and Liya decided to stay with them for the rest of her life with the thought of sharing the love and care for her son and his family which she forgot to give in his childhood days due to her busy life. Liya knows that mistakes have to be immediately corrected before it's too late. Liya spent the rest of her life happily with her son's family by always praying and thanking her mother for making her understand a huge mistake, but still, the scar of her mother's words would always bring regret in her life which she knows can never be healed.


Prioritize your loved ones more than money. As everything vanishes with time and only your family stays by your side till the last breath of your life.

Ahsana Kunnathedath

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