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The Kidnapping | Kamakshi Niranjan Panda

Yesterday I was outside my house and saw few people kidnapping a boy . I started chasing them , they went through a silent place they felt that someone was chasing them, they stopped their van . Two three people came out of it and started searching for something . I was at a short distance from them. I stopped , they started their van and after moving a few distance the van disappeared .I went there for searching the van. I found nothing , only the sound of the dog’s barking, the flow of air was very fast . Suddenly someone came from behind and hit on my head I became unconscious and when I regained my senses my hands and legs were tied . A cloth was rapped on my mouth and the kidnapped boy was also sitting in front of me , he was crying and suddenly a man came and said to be silent otherwise we would be killed and he went away. I tried to open my hands and legs. I found a glass piece on the table near me I tried to tilt the table and got the glass piece and with the glass I untied myself and then boy .Then I started frantically searching a way for escaping from there. The room in which we were kept was locked from outside but there was a window near it and it was opened. There was a table near it and two people were standing near the door . I jumped out of the window and sat silently beside the table he also came and sat beside me . We started looking for the exit suddenly two men came and caught us .They kept us in two different rooms . Now it had became more difficult for us to escape First I had to find the boy then we had to escape silently.

One good thing was that I had observed few positions of the guards. I silently came out of the room and started finding him . I heard the sound of the boy he was crying. By following the sound I reached near the room where the boy was kept but one man was standing in front of the door . I saw a flower vase I threw it to the other direction and the man went to see what happened there. I entered the room ,the boy smiled and said brother you came to save me …. I opened his hands and legs we came out of that room . Now we had to find the final exit of that house. It was a dark house . we were able to see due to the moon light entering through the windows .When we looked out of the window we saw that the house was situated inside the forest. We went straight and after few minutes we found the exit . We came out of the house but it was another challenge to cross the forest . We saw a bike near the main gate of the house . We ran there and when I tried to start the bike it was not starting as it had no fuel . I remember that I saw a bottle full of fuel near the entrance of the house . I said the boy to stay there and I went to bring the fuel . While returning a guard saw me he started chasing me I ran as fast I could and reached near the bike I filled the fuel in the bike and started the bike and went away from the house . The man stopped chasing but a bear started chasing I threw the bottle on the ground the bear fell down and we got sufficient time to escape . Finally we reached the city and we were very close to our home and within few minutes we reached our home I heard th voice of my mother saying “GET UP DEAR YOU AR E LATE FOR THE SCHOOL” and finally I realized that all that was a just a spine chilling dangerous Nightmare.

Kamakshi Niranjan Panda

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