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Samyukta Kumar | Participant 12

Saraga sat in her dressing room wrapped in her robe. She gazed at herself in the mirror, rimmed with lights to reflect every nook of feature. Sharply contoured face, long lashes, surma filling her eyes, she pushed back her strands. As she fidgeted through her closet, she pulled out a blush peach saree, rich in embroidery. She draped in elegance, still looking at herself, undisturbed and sat to open a copper box. Saraga picked up her nath to go with the peach and extended to withdraw a bindi from a corner of the mirror. Leaning in, she placed it right in the center of her forehead. As she got up to close her closet, her gaze shifted to the other end. Formals, shirts, wranglers, tons of shoes in the size, mens 9, all just lying there arranged untouched. She smiled and closed the doors, leaving behind those stories that lured her to now enrich where she belongs.


Written By: Samyukta Kumar

Instagram Handle: @samyuktakumar

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