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Karan Veer Bharadwaj | Participant 1

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Open letter by a transgender to the Indian society :

Dear Society,

How're y'all doing? Busy judging people on the stereotyped thoughts which were created centuries ago? Or still trying to lower the confidence of some disabled people by commenting on their physique?

Anyways, I am not writing this letter to point out your errors rather I’m writing this so that you can clearly see and accept our existence.I know that you’re too busy, but kindly spare a few minutes of your judging time and read this. I’d be obliged to hear your criticism because that’s the thing you’d anyhow do upon confessing "YES, I AM A TRANSGENDER GUY!".

I know that it's tough for you to gulp the fact that people like me do exist but surely we do , like every other being in this world. Yes, I'm different from others, but I am not wrongly possessed nor anyone has the rights to put any vicious thoughts in my mind. Well, this is what I am & who I am. I don't want to live according to the so called rules of society as my body and my genitals aren't the specimens to predict my gender.

God has put me in a wrong body "Accidentally” and that's the only problem. Yes, I'm pretty sure about my decisions, way of living and orientation yet I don't need any of your confirmations on it. Apparently, there are many other like me who are choked up by the thought of being discarded from their family and later by the society but now, if I'll also start building a phobia to this then it'd be too late for me to acquire what I truly admire for, a body of my choice and a life of my preference.

Wait!! Don’t fall asleep so soon, there is much more I've got to say. The name I want and what I have are two parallel lines who're never intended to meet . Neither girls talk properly nor boys include me in their groups yet which restroom to use is the greatest issue that strikes on my plate.

People often don’t know what pronouns and names to call with, well at least you got eyes and I look like a man so address me the same as you address any other man. Oh! I forget about the struggles that I’ve always faced to attain that manly look, getting the boy cut with a touch of professionalism was really tough but somehow I got it.

Facial hair? Haven’t got yet but don’t worry I’ll get that too once the shift begins. I know what question you got next, how I got a flat chest? Agh! That’s too hard to describe, the pain of wearing binders every time I step out, it hurts so bad plus the cost it adds. Wearing shirt bigger tham what I actually should be wearing is just one of those innumerous trials of mine to look like a man.

Moreover, my height acts as a benefit to me as I get a chance to wear men’s shoes every now & then without feeling bad about it. I do smell like a man too yet all thanks to the cologne on which I do spend a thousand bucks ; and the list goes on as you can just see my physical changes but can never feel what I go through while dressing up in front of the mirror.

I have been told that what I want is unnatural and that I shouldn't mess with the body and hormones I was initially built with. But, everyone makes mistakes; I've heard this statement frequently but sadly this time nature made a mistake while building me as an ideal human. Now, to be that ‘ideal human’ what I mean is , it'll take time and efforts but surely I'm going to step on the necessary track from now onwards.

Let people hear my story, know what I am and accept the guy who is stepping out of the body closet which has always trapped and suffocated from within. Well, enough of hiding behind the veils and questioning myself ; now I'm sure of what I am and surely not anymore scared of what the future beholds for me. Despite that I haven't had specific surgeries nor any treatment has started , yet I've accepted myself as I am.

Moreover, I'm growing out of my zone and going to be bold and proud instead of being scared and isolated. I haven’t came out of my family barriers yet, but I definitely have tried and will do that again. I hope my words could hit your minds hard enough to make you accept the fact that enough of calling us wrong ; now start accepting us as right and thus, lend your hands to help us shine bright.

- Yours,

A warrior of stereotypes.


Written By: Karan Veer Bharadwaj

Instagram Handle: @karan_veer_bharadwaj