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Aishwarya Kureel | Participant 19

They said, you are just a bit confused,

this relationship by society will be refused.

You are a girl a man to marry you should choose,

not a girl who you’ll made to fit into your husband’s shoes.

Pinks and florals are for girls they said,

It should be a girl whom you should wed.

A man marrying a man is something a society won’t approve

You are a man, your behavior and body language you should improve.

Are you a male or a female, they tease,

Their topic for gossips is my physique.

You look like a woman but like a man you speak,

Why ain’t you like a woman, soft and meek.

Disgusting is what they said when I admitted I am interested in both.

Now whenever they see me their eyes are always filled with loathe.

No one will accept you this way they said,

All I hear from people is that, “you are just misled”.

We also feel emotions in the same way as others do,

Still why our feelings are regarded as wrong in the society’s view.

We were also crafted by the same god who crafted you

Then why are our emotions seen as the crater on the beautiful moon and considered undue.


Written By: Aishwarya Kureel

Instagram Handle: @_devilious_

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Tanmay Ganvir
Tanmay Ganvir
Jun 03, 2021

Great quote 💞💯





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