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Shraddha is a lawyer turned Author.She is a people's person. She would like to be there fo

Self Help

Selfishly Kind

Inspired by being alive, here is a journey to- not the end of the world but to another
world that exists within us. A world made up of hopes, dreams, fear, love, hate and the diverse ingredients crucial to survival in this universe.
The words in this book are an amalgamation of the thoughts that cross our minds in reality
or the illusionistic realm that we harbor, primarily in our subconscious minds.
We are all humans, living our lives like a pendulum- oscillating between the good and the
bad, the happy and the sad, the light and the dark.
At the end of the day, it is all about exploring, evolving, and embracing life and ourselves, in
no given order as such and this book is proof of that.

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Nandani Bhandari

Nandani Bhandari

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