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7 Calibres of Love

In a world devoid of life, you bring colors of happiness.'
The above line perfectly manifests the story of Shiv and Gauri in the novel '7 Calibres of Love.'

The novel revolves around how an ashram girl, amidst no blood relations, lives life blissfully with her so called real family. Later part of the novel depicts her life as a roller coaster ride survived and lived with her partner.

The seven chapters of the novel portrays the ebb and flow in Gauri's life with her partner as a perfect epitome of love.

Each chapter is fascinating and filled with emotions of love along with an ardour of poem.

'7 Calibres of Love' renders the seeds of emotions watered by the characters with their abundant love and care.

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Nishita M Agath

Nishita M Agath

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