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Pratima Raj

Author of Cocktales

"Pratima Raj is an M.phil graduate in English. She has augmented her skills by procuring Diploma course in Creative Writing. She also has procured a degree in Business management. She has worked as a linguistic teacher in a private school at Coimbatore. She shows inquisitiveness to learn new things, exploring places and food and believes in living a life with full zeal . She believes to invest her time in reading books, writing poetry, quotes, articles, while fullfilling the duties of a homemaker. She is a Your Quote writer. She has published her quote book entitled Enchanting Words of Mind, and has been a co- author for four anthologies entitled The Purple Vistas and Metanoia, Silent Feels, and Romantic Walk. She has presented research paper each in National and International conferences entitled LGBT is a Huge Taboo in Indian scenario and Life of Transgender in Indian scenario.""
She is an author of her debut book Cocktales . She has a blog entitled "Magic in Words."